Madrid Barber



Haircut: $32

Each haircut is accompanied with a hot towel neck shave, custom style and application of luxury styling product. 


Beard Trim: $32

Our beard trim service begins with a tailored consultation to ensure desired facial hair shape and length. The service includes a hot towel face steam, straight razor line up along the cheeks and neck and concludes with an application of moisturizer and beard builder. 





Hot Towel Straight Razor Shave: $32

Our straight razor shave begins with multiple hot towels, in order to prepare the face for shaving and soften the beard. While you steam you will receive a facial massage. Once the face is prepared warm lather is applied and the shave begins. Moisturizer is then applied for a silky finish. 


Head Shave: $32

Our straight razor head shave includes a scalp massage, hot towel scalp steam, warm lather and concludes with an application of scalp moisturizer.